"Oh the Places We can Go" Art Print
"Oh the Places We can Go" Art Print

"Oh the Places We can Go" Art Print

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There is literally no limitation to the places we can run. From scouting new side alleys in our neighborhood to crossing the Himalayas, everything that is imaginable is also runnable. 

Running is true freedom. It allows us to to stray, rerun, explore and rediscover old and new paths wherever and whenever we want to. What an unbelievable gift this is. 

Let’s dare to run free and with all our heart. Not knowing where we will end up, or if we will ever make it. In the end it’s only the moment that matters, not the destination.

(📍Imst, Austria / Pleiskopf downhill)

This art print is printed on heavy 300g matte recycled paper. It will be sent to you hand-packed and safely rolled (not folded) in order to look magnificent on your wall. 

Nils Laengner from Dortmund, Germany is a remarkable sports photographer. Coming from a cycling background, Nils has an excellent eye for timing and motion. He captures just the right moment, when true authenticity gleams. 

Why Trust The Process?

Your Time is Precious

Puzzling and Running are long-term projects. They require patience, focus and trust. As long as the process might take, it’s greatly rewarding in the end.

Rest Days are holy

Our jigsaw puzzles are for runners who acknowledge the importance of rest and patience. Make use of your off-days and head for inner peace and poise.