"Choose To Be" Puzzle (500 Pieces)

"Choose To Be" Puzzle (500 Pieces)

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  • Beautifully inspiring Runner’s Puzzle for Instant Bliss
  • 500 unique Pieces for at least 4-5 Hours of Mindful Recovery
  • Thick 1.9 mm quality Pieces for your Hands Down Puzzling Pleasure
  • Eco-Friendly Puzzle Pouch Packaging
  • Puzzle Card (Size A5) for a better Overview
  • Trust The Process Stickers to remind you of taking a Break 
  • Upgrade of your Rest Days with more Relaxation, Focus and Recovery

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Running is a simple sport. It comes naturally and reflects, like no other motion, human behavior and desire. It reveals the true compound of what we are made of, where we come from and what we wish to become.

And yet, running is nothing that happens to us accidentally. It’s a conscious decision, that is to be renewed every time we lace up our shoes. 

Say yes to being a runner. Say yes to pain and elation. Say yes to doubt and pride. Say yes and choose to be.

(📍Munich, Germany / Isar river bank)

Stephan Wieser is a photographer and documentary filmmaker from Munich, Germany. Through his lens he makes the unseen discoverable and grants access to true emotions of everyday heroes, including athletes, mostly from the world of running and cycling. 

Why Trust The Process?

Your Time is Precious

Puzzling and Running are long-term projects. They require patience, focus and trust. As long as the process might take, it’s greatly rewarding in the end.

Rest Days are holy

Our jigsaw puzzles are for runners who acknowledge the importance of rest and patience. Make use of your off-days and head for inner peace and poise.