Meet the Artists

Trust The Process Puzzles would not exist without the stunning work of our photographers. That's why a share of every puzzle sold goes to the artists. 
The following wonderful people have created the photography and art you see on Trust The Process Puzzles:

Stephan Wieser

Stephan Wieser is a photographer and documentary filmmaker from Munich, Germany. Through his lens he makes the unseen discoverable and grants access to true emotions of everyday heroes, including athletes, mostly from the world of running and cycling.

Björn Lexius

Only very few photographers possess such a strong visual vocabulary like Björn Lexius from Hamburg, Germany. His work is full of atmosphere and spirit, while paying great attention to detail and character.

Nils Laengner 

Nils Laengner from Dortmund, Germany is a remarkable sports photographer. Coming from a cycling background, Nils has an excellent eye for timing and motion. He captures just the right moment, when true authenticity gleams. 

If you are a running / sports photographer and want to contribute your work, please get in touch