THE MAKING OF: "Oh The Places We Can Go"


Nils Laengner took this photo of Sascha and Chris in the downhill part of the third day of the Hoch3 Trail Run in Imst. A three day trail running event in one of the most beautiful parts of the alps.

Sascha and Chris embarked this race as a team of two. Especially the third day of the event was very challenging. Running for hours in high alpine territory is both, true bliss and exhausting. 

In this special part of the race, where the picture was shot, the toughest parts were over and the two headed downhill towards a long-desired aid station. Their legs were empty, but their hearts were full. 

Both made it to the finish line safely and even picked up their friend Lisa along the way. 

"It's days like these, that make life worth living.". That's what they all agreed upon.

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