About picking the right motif

About picking the right motif

When we decide, which running photo is right one to make a puzzle from it, we consider a lot of different factors.

First of all it needs to be a strong and well crafted picture. Especially in the age of smartphone snapshots, real photography has become a rare craft. We are working together with awesome sports photographers, who have years of experience combined with great talent.

Second we want our puzzle motifs to be 'puzzlable'. It should be great fun to build a detailed and challenging puzzle with a few easy areas and a few, let's say, tougher ones. However, we don't want anyone to go insane ;-)

Third the picture has to carry some sort of 'running desire'. A warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart when you see it, simply because you know or can imagine how it feels to be in that place shown on the photo. 

We at Trust The Process take pride in taking our time when choosing a new puzzle motif. We want to create something special that lasts for a lifetime. Nothing less than this.

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